Hey bloggers! Hey writers! Did you ever wish you could type faster, or better, or that you didn’t have to write out your entire address every time? Well, a friend of mine, Linda Rigel, has come up with a very nifty new product that basically acts like your private stenographer. You can customize its “dictionary” so your most often-used words and phrases can be typed with just a couple of keystrokes.

Personally, I am always spelling “Berkeley” wrong. And “San Francisco.” Linda came to my house recently and did an eye-popping demo that had me longing for Stenogger. (stenographer for bloggers, get it? ha! except it isn’t just for bloggers) The cool thing is you can WRITE in that superfast IM-speak (btw, gtg!) and the program will automatically expand it into, you know, real English. (by the way, got to go!) This could be a great boon for teenagers who actually can’t write complete words anymore, but really need to in order to function in the world.

The only “bad” thing about the amazing Stenogger is that (booo! booo!) it only works for Windows computers right now. We poor Mac users are out in the cold, our noses pressed to the glass. But soon, I hope, soon…!

Special Discount for readers of ReadingWritingLiving! If you purchase a copy of Stenogger, you will receive a 20% discount. Just type “snito” into the box for “Discount Code” and you get a big fat discount. Then come back here and tell us all how you like it.

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Photo credit: the Early Office Museum website.