New Column: Happy Birthday, Mom, Whatever Day It Is


I have a new column up over at Literary Mama: as always, your readership and comments are welcomed!

My mother’s birthday is on Christmas Eve. Or maybe it’s December 22nd. The way she tells it, her own mother insists she was born on the 22nd, but in 1922, New York City’s only Japanese doctor was busy attending patients in all five boroughs, and he wasn’t the best at keeping up with his paperwork. Her legal birth certificate reads December 24, 1922. We’re always confused about when we should celebrate, so we end up alternating year to year. We do know one thing though — she is turning 85 soon.

Read the rest here.

5 thoughts on “New Column: Happy Birthday, Mom, Whatever Day It Is

  1. Hi Susan,
    Reading about your column made me think about my Mom. She is living with Parkinson’s. The mild stage has come and gone. Years ago, Mom made bamboo walking sticks for herself and friends. I remember going to a neurology appointment and she gave one to a nurse/friend to pass along. Your mention of zippers makes me think about the zipper accessories that she made for members of the Parkinson’s support group so that it would be easier for shaky fingers to zip and unzip jackets and sweaters independently. Lots of memories came flooding back as I read your column. Thank you!


    PS I’m thrilled to see that the Pact teen site announces family camp in July. Hip, hip, hurray for Pact Camp!!!

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