Eight Things Meme


Sometimes I love doing memes, but completely “open” memes with no form or structure make me nervous. Jade Park tagged me to do this “8 things meme” and it has no rules, so I am completely stealing her “openers”…

  1. I was born in… New Rochelle, New York. New Rochelle’s big claim to fame is that that is where the Dick Van Dyke show was supposedly set. I also, in my last year of college, did my physical therapy internship in the same hospital where I was born, and I would’ve used that position to steal my birth records, if I hadn’t already done it before then.
  2. I absolutely HATE… going to the dentist, even nice ones. I’d rather get ten mammograms.
  3. When I was a little girl… I had to wear foot braces for many years because I was “pigeon-toed.”
  4. All I need in life to be happy is… doing work that feels good, having time to write, time to be with loved ones and time to be alone. In about equal measure.
  5. I like cheese. A lot. Humboldt Fog, Manchego, Cambazola, Maytag Blue and more.
  6. I looooove Barack Obama.
  7. Apparently, I am…. an insane, irrational, over-emotional nutjob. Just ask my 17 year old.
  8. I have several mottos…. but right now I’m remembering one my dad used to say all the time and which I obviously took to heart: “Never have one boss.” He was a salesman who worked on commission for anywhere from nine to sixteen companies. He felt like it was too risky to work for solely one company (and lots of them tried to woo him, because he was a kick-ass salesman), because if they let you go, you were up a creek. I started working part-time at three different places as soon as I graduated from college, and I’ve never had a full time job since.

I tag: Ericka, Kamau, Kittbo, Sume, Daphne, and Mel. And anyone else who has a blog and wants to go for it!

You can either do it the “cheating” way (ie, using the front ends of the above sentences) or think up eight totally random things.

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