hedgephoto.jpgI am a hapa sansei adoptee living in the San Francisco Bay Area with my spouse, my nisei mother, my two daughters and two dogs. I teach, write and run a family camp for adoptive families with children of color, through an organization called Pact. I co-edited the anthology A Ghost At Heart’s Edge: Stories & Poems of Adoption (North Atlantic Books) and am currently the fiction co-editor at Literary Mama. I also write a monthly column there called “Life in the Sandwich.”

You may contact me at susan@susanito.com.

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  1. Hello Susan:

    I have been thinking about you. I was a student in your UC extension writing workshop in the Spring of 2000.

    A piece I wrote for the class, which I called,”Scottish Hospitality,” is to be published, in Scotland, in the publication of the Scottish Language Society. The publication is called “Lallans.”

    I rewrote the story completely in my own dialect.

    A google search brought me to you and your blog. I enjoy reading it!

    We had our kitchen remodelled this summer and I wrote a blog, with pictures, to share with family and friends. I’ve made a link in the “Website” box.

    I’m excited to tell you that my birthmother is planning to visit me in March for a few days. She and my half-sister are to visit family in New Zealand and they will make a side trip to see me on their way home!

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Susan–
    I got your comment on my blog last week, and finally today took the time to trace a few links and figure out who you are! It’s flattering to know that in these fledgling stages of the blog, people I don’t know are already reading it. At any rate, what I found interesting is that you teach a class I almost signed up for–the MFA redux at UC Extension. I also went through a phase of reading Literary Mama pretty regularly, even though I don’t have kids. (Is that weird?) So…small world. Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout out and thank you for your comment. I may check back to do some adoption research of my own….

    Meanwhile, got another rejection letter today. And I’m not celebrating–it was from Chronicle. For some reason I thought they’d take the story. HA! Oh well.

    Eliza Amos

  3. Hello Susan,
    I just discovered your blog when I was looking under Shepherd Canyon Books tonight–which is the name of my publishing company. It appears that we are neighbors in Montclair. Check out our website at http://www.backpack45.com, you’ll find out that we also share interests in hiking and writing.
    Let’s chat some time. Do you still do the readings in your home?
    Susan Alcorn

  4. I’m so glad that you posted a message to the Hedgebrook in California Group. I stayed in Cedar in Fall 2003. Sigh. Thank you for this blog. I just began reading it tonight and know that I will continue to do so. Perhaps I’ll be inspired to be post to my own blogs a little more consistently. That is, between writing and revising poems and working on my fiction. Oh yeah, and eating and sleeping and working.

  5. I am sorting my RSS feeds into folders, and can’t decide whether to put you into my “adoption” folder or my “anti-racism” folder.

    but good for you for being both!

    (and I am soooooooo not one to talk about unfocused blogging, as my own blog covers a dozen different topics . . . )

  6. Hey Susan!

    I am getting excited about Pact Camp 2008. I can’t wait to see you again and hang out with all those cool kids and grown-ups who were adopted! And their wonderful and supportive multiracial families!


  7. I came across your blog from I don’t know where — that’s the fun of the internet, don’t you think? I live in Brisbane, Australia.🙂

  8. Well what do you know. Blogging *really* works – I found you because I typed in “poems about parenthood.” It happens to be a big part of what I do as a published author -there is an entire section in my collection “Where the Butterflies Go” about Family, so I’m just thrilled to have found this blog and Literary Mama, too. I’ll be in touch, please check out my blog too.

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