I’ve had varous pieces of work appear in these books.



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13 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Yes, I agree. This is beautiful.

    I felt such fury at the restaurant; I’ve gotten comments like that too, when people don’t believe I’m Filipino, or when someone says, “You know, Filipinos aren’t really ASIAN…” (usually they are neither).

    I hope she stuck something vile in that man’s miso!

  2. Susan, thank you for posting this. It’s beautiful. And you know what, I’ve actually read it before–Two Worlds Walking is in my little self-made multiracial studies library, bought when it came out when I was in college doing ethnic studies. đŸ™‚ Small world, huh?

  3. Like everyone else thank you so much for posting this. It really is beautiful.

    It reminds of when I was 19 as well and responded to an ad for a Japanese speaking hostess at an upscale Japanese restaurant in Boston. Despite the fact that I had the exact experience they were looking for and they were very interested over the phone, when I showed up for the interview they took one look at me and said the position had already been filled and slammed the door in my face.

  4. Aw myra, I am so sorry that happened to you. Terrible.

    Everyone else, thanks so much for the kind words. They mean a lot to me. And daddy, I’d love to hear more about your multiracial studies library. I have one too.

  5. Susan,

    What an ignorant, hateful little man! People like him are infuriate me! I’m glad you found another woman who could not do origami either –someone who could laugh at herself and validate you.

    I just bought an origami consumable calendar. Almost every day is new creation –interspersed with some days of trivia and practice folds. Yesterday I made a ‘tato’ whatever that is. It is rather withered looking from all the folds.đŸ™‚

  6. Susan,
    I just read your piece “The Lost Story” at Readerville.com and just had to tell you how moving it was. Such a lovely story, such a great voice.

    Stephany K.

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